Frequently Asked Questions

People sometimes ask HOW TO BUILD PAPER MODELS. A tutorial is available on the site addressing basic tools,paints, sprays and techniques. Liveries or paint schemes must be carefully researched; however, you can choose your own favorite early Railroad's color-scheme.

WHY SPRAY WITH ACRYLIC AND THEN PAINT?  Acrylic spray allows you safely to paint your paper model ,if you choose to use oil-based paints and strengthens the finished model, increasing durability; otherwise,use ACRYLIC or ACRYLIC-GEL paints available at hobby stores.   Color schemes are accurate, as printed, but need to be augmented by paint, particularly for metallic colors because you are modeling in 3 dimensions producing variances in light reflection, as opposed to photographing in 2 dimensions, leaving only one reflecting surface.

MISSING PARTS? e-mail  IN the subject line, type the name of the model-kit and missing parts,  and they will be e-mailed to you, free of charge. 

 MANY OF THE LARGER KITS EXCEED  10 MB OF DOWNLOAD.  If your device cannot handle a 10Mb download, PURCHASE BY SEGMENTS which permit a sequential building of the model you have selected. All segments are designed to download to a mobile device; follow the product SKU number sequence : eg. L1A, L1B...

  HAVING TROUBLE DOWNLOADING YOUR PRODUCT? Below your product sometimes appears a box: Choose Options. Click on the button and select :Download.  If you still cannot obtain your product, e-mail and enter the product name in the subject line and the word:" download.